At AP IT Support, we support a variety of companies working in different sectors. From small businesses with just a few users to companies with several hundred employees, we are equipped to support every type of business.

We have clients in many different fields. These include: Architects, Estate Agents, Branding Specialists, Higher Education, Traders, Electrical Services, Property Investors, Churches, Building contractors, Property developers, Maintenance contractors and many more.

Our clients love the fact that we provide them with a complete IT solution, from support and maintenance to broadband and telecoms. This means that if problems do arise, a member of our team will always have the expertise to resolve it quickly and effectively, minimising disruption for your company. Notable clients include…

David Andrew Estates

We designed and implemented servers at all 3 sites replicating data using DFS. This means no matter which office you are at your data will always be up to date on all 3 servers.

We have also implemented Office 365 and Go Global. Go Global allows the users to access programs remotely from anywhere. It also works on an Apple iPad/iPhone and Android. This is the same as Citrix just at a lower cost.

JM Building Contractors

We have implemented Office 365 which has allowed the company to keep cost to a minimal but not compromising with down time at all. We provide a regular maintenance on all desktops and servers making sure everything is running like clockwork.

Boulter & CO

We manage and installed everything from servers to broadband and telephones. This means everything is centralized with us bringing cost down and disruption to a minimum compared to having everything separate with multiple companies.