We always keep ourselves up-to-date with the latest technological developments, bringing to your attention anything that we think would be useful. In other words, we worry about innovation, so you don’t have to. We always try to ensure that the systems we install are scalable, so that if your business grows, the system can grow with you.

Continuity is key in any business. If your hardware is virtualised and your data stored in the cloud, then even the most catastrophic loss can be recovered quickly and you can carry on with the absolute minimum of disruption.

Maintenance and Helpdesk Support:

We provide full remote helpdesk support, with automated alerts letting our engineers know if there is a problem. If you do encounter problems, rather than being put through to an international call centre, you will be connected to someone in our London office with the relevant expertise.


Communication is vital to the smooth running of your business. We are able to provide various forms of telephony, from those based on traditional copper wiring to cutting edge cloud based systems, offering unparalleled flexibility. We also offer competitively priced business broadband, and hosted email systems. By managing all these services, we eliminate the frustrations that can arise from dealing with several different providers. We can also save you up to 50% on your phone bills compared to BT and Virgin.

Security Penetration Testing
For security assurance, companies conduct external and internal penetration tests to uncover exploitable security vulnerabilities from the perspective of a malicious outsider or insider respectively.

Penetration testing (also known as pen testing) should provide evidence of how vulnerabilities can be exploited, and the risk level and potential impact of each vulnerability. Reports should give clear recommendations and solutions to help eliminate each vulnerability or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

The goal of the penetration test is to identify vulnerabilities in your networks or applications, and to clearly demonstrate the potential security impact.

Overview of our service

An expert Penetration Test Engineer will study your network and applications and search for vulnerabilities. This is achieved through the use of semi-automated tools and is heavily dependent on manual testing and verification techniques. By analysing the results, he will expose potential vulnerabilities and customise subsequent tests, based on the initial findings.

The penetration test can include the further exploitation of vulnerabilities that are discovered (chained exploits), if explicitly requested by the client.

Options for penetration tests include:

  • External Penetration Test / Pen Test – Conducted remotely on external or public facing networks or applications to identify vulnerabilities that are visible to outsiders at large.
  • Internal Penetration Test / Pen Test – Conducted on the internal network to identify vulnerabilities that are visible to insiders, contractors, partners with potential malicious intent.

Service details

  • Network / application level vulnerability scanning, mapping and analysis
  • Manual verification of vulnerabilities
  • Extensive customized manual pen tests
  • Controlled exploitative testing, only if explicitly requested
  • Detailed vulnerability reporting
  • Removal of false positive findings